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Marriages & Partnerships

Your guide to getting married or forming a civil partnership in Somerset & North Somerset.

Our Costs & Fees

Weddings don’t have to cost the earth. How much you spend on your special day is entirely up to you. We offer a range of options to suit every budget, because we believe that everyone should be able to celebrate their special day in style.

What your fees include

We don’t charge booking or cancellations fees, and there’s no up front deposit. The fees are all-inclusive, so what you see is what you pay with no hidden extras. The ceremony cost includes the attendance of two registrars, and one copy of your marriage certificate. Additional copies can be ordered before if you let us know when paying your fees.

Costs for our statutory ceremonies, certificates and other services are set by the General Register Office. This includes certificates, giving notice, 2+2 marriage & civil partnership ceremonies, civil partnership conversions and processing foreign divorce paperwork at notice appointments. Our other fees are calculated on a cost recovery basis, meaning we aim to cover our costs and keep prices as affordable as possible for you.

How and when to pay

Fees are due in full 8 weeks before the big day. You can pay by phone on 01823 282251 or in person when you come in to give notice with us if you live in Somerset or North Somerset. We are working on introducing online payment options soon.

Standard marriage or civil partnership ceremony

The simplest way to get married is a ceremony involving just the couple plus two witnesses. It currently costs just £57, including your certificate. This is a set fee that applies across England and Wales, ensuring marriages and partnerships are affordable for all. The ceremony takes place in a small private office and is available Monday to Friday at the following locations:

  • Bridgwater Registration Office
  • Shepton Mallet Registration Office (due to ongoing Covid precautions, currently only Saturdays not weekdays)
  • Taunton Register Office
  • Weston-super-Mare Registration Office
  • Williton Registration Office
  • Yeovil Registration Office
Register Office venue full ceremony

These fees include the ceremony costs, certificate and venue hire. This is an affordable option if you would like to invite guests to share your special day, and want to hold a reception at your own choice of venue. Ceremonies are held hourly through the day, allowing around half an hour for the ceremony itself and plenty of time for getting guests seated and photos afterwards.

  • Vivary Room, Taunton (currently max party size 28) – £200.00 – Friday & Saturday only
  • Tudor Hall, Taunton (max party size 100) – £350.00 – Monday to Saturday
  • Abbey Manor, Yeovil (max party size 40) – £200.00 – selected Saturdays only
  • Hutton Suite, Weston (max party size 40) – £150.00 – Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings
  • Old Council Chamber, Weston (max party size 60) – £200.00 – Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings
  • Emma Sheppard Meeting Room, Frome (max party size 20) – £200 – selected Saturdays only
  • Council Chamber, Frome (max party size 100) – £350 – selected Saturdays only
Approved Premises full ceremony

Having your ceremony at an Approved Premises gives you full flexibility over your day. You can get married or form a partnership at over 100 beautiful approved venues across Somerset and North Somerset. Browse our Venue Directory for full details. The charges listed here are for the 2 Registrars to attend. You will need to pay a separate fee to the venue for their services, while the ceremony fee itself is paid directly to us. Don’t forget to check availability with your chosen venue before booking the registrar and giving notice.

  • Approved Premises Mon – Thurs – £440.00
  • Approved Premises Fri – Sat – £470.00
  • Approved Premises Sundays – £520.00
  • Approved Premises Bank Holidays – £620.00
Other costs
  • Giving Notice – £35 each
  • Giving Notice where one or both partners are subject to immigration control – £47
  • Additional Certificates – £11
  • Express Certificate service (does not apply to first certificate issued after ceremony) – £35
  • Registered Building Ceremony Attendance (i.e. religious venues without authority to record marriages but where a minister can officiate the ceremony) – £97
  • Civil Partnership conversion to marriage 1 step process at register office – £56
  • Civil Partnership conversion to marriage 2 step process option (Step 1: completing declaration) – £27
  • Civil Partnership conversion to marriage 2 step process option (Step 2: signing declaration in religious building) – £91
  • Consideration of foreign divorce or partnership dissolution paperwork by Superintendent Registrar – £50
  • Consideration of foreign divorce or partnership dissolution paperwork that must be referred to the Registrar General – £75
  • Waiver application to reduce notice waiting period due to exceptional circumstances – £60
  • Application to correct details on schedule and certificate – £75 local or £90 General Register Office

Additional copies of your certificate can be ordered before your ceremony if you let us know when paying your fees. They will all be posted to you within 5 working days of your ceremony. We apologise that you cannot use the Express service for these initial certificates. You can order additional or replacement copies after your ceremony by ordering online here: Certificate Ordering Online

Applications for corrections, waivers and consideration of foreign documents are payable at the time of the appointment and are non refundable. There is no guarantee that the applications will be successful.


Fee increases

You should be advised of current ceremony fees at the time of booking, but these are subject to annual reviews and may increase slightly before the due date if you are booking well in advance. When we introduce a price increase, we will honour the original price to couples who have already given notice of marriage. Couples who have not yet given notice will need to pay the new ceremony fee.

Ceremony amendment or cancellation

We do not charge amendment or cancellation fees or penalties. We just ask that you give us as much notice as possible if you need to cancel or postpone your day. You will have the option of a full refund of your ceremony fees, or carrying forward the payment to a new date. There may be a higher fee to pay, depending on the date chosen. If you have chosen a cheaper option we will refund you the difference. Fees for giving notice are non-refundable as they just cover the admin work that will have already been carried out following your appointment. If your 1 year notice period expires or you change your venue then you will need to pay for a new notice appointment.

Terms & Conditions

Read our detailed terms & conditions here: Ceremony Terms & Conditions