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Weddings at Abbey Manor Business Centre, Yeovil

We are really lucky to have access to this Grade 1 listed 15th Century manor house for Saturday ceremonies. Part of the Abbey Manor Business Centre, we hire the Mandeville Room for affordable ceremonies run on in a register office style, even though it’s not one of our own offices. Our registrars take care of all ceremony business rather than the Abbey Manor Business Centre staff.

This page aims to give you all the information you need about how ceremonies work at Abbey Manor, from when to arrive to how the guests are seated. Let us know all the details we need to include to personalise your ceremony on your Pre Ceremony Check Form.

ceremony room with tudor beamed ceiling


If you don’t want to see each other before the ceremony then one partner should arrive 30 minutes before the ceremony time and the other should arrive 15 minutes after that. The first partner will be interviewed and then taken to the ceremony room while the second partner is then interviewed just before the ceremony begins. If you are happy to be interviewed together then you should arrive 20 minutes before your ceremony is due to start.

 There are up to 7 ceremonies a day at Abbey Manor, so being on time – neither too early or too late – is crucial. Ceremonies are timed to start at 10, 11, 12, 1.30, 2.30, 3.30 and 4.30.

Access for ceremonies at Abbey Manor

If the previous ceremony is overrunning or you are early then you and your guests may need to wait outside for our staff to come and greet you. There isn’t a waiting area inside. If you don’t want to see each other before the ceremony, partner one should arrive through the entrance to the right of the white gazebo. The second partner should enter through the main door to the left of the building.

 If you need a quick comfort break when you arrive, the registrar will make sure you can access the toilets without your partner seeing you.


Guests need to park in the main Abbey Manor car park to the right as you enter. The only car that is able to park to the left is the bridal car. Please make this clear to your guests.

Disabled access

The ceremony room is on the ground floor and there is a wheelchair ramp. There isn’t any dedicated disabled parking. If you have any particular mobility issues or other needs please let us know.

Guests & Seating at Abbey Manor

Guests for full ceremonies should arrive 10 minutes before the ceremony but no earlier. This avoids clashing with the preceding wedding party’s exit. Seating is up to you to organise – this is often the best man’s job. Do remember to reserve seats at the front for any escorts in the entrance party such as bridesmaids or father of the bride. You don’t need to save seats for the couple as they will be standing throughout. Witnesses don’t need to be seated at the front. However it should be easy for them to hear the words of the ceremony and to make their way to the front for signing the schedule. Anyone who is performing a reading should have easy access to make their way to the front.

Dan Pearce kindly took the photos below during Covid when we had socially distanced chairs. We have a similar layout now but with additional seating.

wedding ceremony setting - table with white cloth and leaves and candle, with 2 medieval style chairs behind. Bare stone walls in background

Room Information

The Mandeville Room is on the ground floor. 40 chairs are set out in rows either side of a central aisle. You will enter from the back of the room and walk down the aisle to the registrar’s table at the far end of the room. The aisle is wide enough for someone to have 2 people walk beside them. You can have 40 guests at your ceremony, with babies on laps as extra. This number doesn’t include the couple, photographer or registrars.

 It’s possible to view the room in advance. Email our customer service team to request a visit.


Music is played through our Bluetooth speakers. All tracks need to be downloaded on to a device with Bluetooth connection and operated by someone in the wedding party. This is often the best man’s job. The registrars will let them know when to start and stop the music. Please don’t rely on streaming music from Spotify etc on the day.


The room is simply dressed for ceremonies already. As there normally several weddings a day and a very quick changeover there isn’t time to decorate between each individual ceremony. If you want to provide order of ceremony cards you can place hand these out as guests enter or place them on chairs just before the ceremony. Do please nominate someone to collect up any spares afterwards. You are welcome to bring your own flowers to place on the top table. Just have someone in charge of bringing them and taking them away afterwards.


We regret that there is a strict no confetti policy at Abbey Manor. Please let your guest know in advance. You are very welcome to ask your guests to blow bubbles instead, which creates wonderful photos and leaves no trace.

The only dogs that we allow at our own venues are registered service animals such as guide dogs or hearing dogs. This doesn't include emotional support animals. Please let us know in advance if any animals are due to attend in case of staff allergies.

Photo Opportunities

Your photographer is very welcome to take photos during the ceremony. Just get them to introduce themselves to the registrar so they can coordinate movements. The couple and the guests leave via the main side door and photos can be taken for 10 minutes outside the old barn area. Please be mindful that the next wedding will be arriving soon after your departure.

ceremony room with old bare stone walls, medieval style chairs either side of a wood floored aisle.

You can contact Abbey Manor Business Centre direct to arrange a viewing or find out more about their facilities. Visit their website or call them direct on 01935 848524